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So if you're reading this, you're either some random visitor from or you're a member of my family. At least that's what the audit log on the web server keeps telling me... Feel free to poke around. I can give some history on who I am and so forth, but if you're at my site and you don't know already then you're probably a stalker and should go away.

Yes, I am the only Devin Heitmueller on the entire Internet. If you're using Google to look for some guy named Devin Heitmueller, then I'm the guy you're looking for. I'm pretty sure I'm the only Devin Heitmueller on the planet. Other people seem pretty sure about this too, since I haven't worked for 3Com for more than five years and I still get emails from complete strangers who ask me questions about the 3Com OfficeConnect LAN Modem without even thinking to ask if I'm the same Devin Heitmueller.

If you're still not sure you've got the right guy then Click Here

Weblog (or 'blog' in techno speak)

So I have been keeping an online journal for a while. I haven't really been advertising it or anything, because I figured who really cares about the daily events of my lamo life? Anyway, if you really want to know then it can be found at

If you're interested in my LinuxTV work, you should check out the new blog dedicated to the topic: Kernel Labs

Besides, now I can argue that this website is out of date because all the good stuff is on my blog.

Do you want to support LinuxTV development?

I spend most of my nights and weekends working to improve the quality of TV under Linux (especially in the United States). If you want to show your support for this effort by helping offset some of the costs of hardware, tools, etc. feel free to throw a couple of dollars into Devin's LinuxTV Support Fund:

For more info on the support fund, click here:

Purpose of this site

Basically this web site is just a repository for pictures I want to share with family and friends. There's some other crap here, but I don't spend alot of time updating my website. I guess that's why it isn't very impressive looking despite the fact that one of my primary job functions is to design professional looking web applications.

Vermont 2006 Vacation

Venice 2006 Vacation

New Year's Party 2004 (Dec 31 2003)

Miscellaneous pics

What's going on in my head

What do I do? (in no particular order)

  • Write software.
  • Read the stuff mentioned in the Links page.
  • Sleep.
  • Read tech journals.
  • Write more software.
  • Hang out in Philadelphia coffee houses on weekends with my girlfriend doing work while she studies (did I mention my girlfriend is super smart and getting her doctorate?)
  • Attempt to understand women.
  • Attempt to understand the buffer routines in GNU Emacs.

Employment (Past and Present)

GridApp Systems - My Current Employer
AEP Networks - (Formerly Netilla Networks) - Software Engineering for product line of SSL VPN Appliances
3Com Corporation - Software Engineer and Testing for the OfficeConnect ISDN Lan Modem (OCLM)
Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Innovations - IT and Network Administration for the Global Product Compliance Lab (GPCL)

Blogs and Websites of People I know

Suzy Kovacs
Lauren Kovacs
Jon Kus
Dan Christiansen
Ben Ruset
Ken Stone
Tom Crimi
Kyle Burkhardt
Marty Capdevielle

Other Stuff

The Original Netilla Team (1999)
3Com X-Mas 1999 pictures
Click here to find out the work I did at 3Com and the people I worked with...
Links - Stuff I commonly use.